Who were some early popular female singers in jazz?

  • Nancy Wilson. Born in Ohio in 1937, Nancy Wilson enjoyed a career that lasted 5 decades, well into the 21st Century.
  • Diana Krall.
  • Julie London.
  • Cécile McLorin Salvant.
  • Anita O’Day.
  • Shirley Horn.
  • Dinah Washington.
  • Blossom Dearie.

Who were some female jazz legends?

  • 25: Norah Jones (born 1979)
  • 24: Diana Krall (born 1964)
  • 23: Cassandra Wilson (born 1955)
  • 22: Dakota Staton (1930-2007)
  • 21: Madeleine Peyroux (born 1974)
  • 20: Etta James (1928-2001)
  • 19: Shirley Horn (1934-2005)
  • 18: Dee Dee Bridgewater (born 1950)

Who was the first female jazz musician?

Mary Lou Williams – piano – One of the first women to be successful in jazz, she began her professional career in 1922 at age 12. The following year she played with Duke Ellington in The Washingtonians.

Who is the most famous female jazz singer?

  • Blossom Dearie.
  • Carmen McRae.
  • Bessie Smith.
  • Betty Carter.
  • Nina Simone.
  • Sarah Vaughan.
  • Billie Holiday.
  • Ella Fitzgerald. As with many of the most famous jazz singers of all time, Ella Fitzgerald is a popular figure who transcends the genre.

Who was a famous female singer in the 1920s?

Bessie Smith (c. 1892–1937), Mamie Smith (1893–1946), and Gertrude “Ma” Rainey (1886–1939) are perhaps the most recognizable names of women blues singers of the 1920s.

Who was the jazz female icon?

“Queen of the Blues”, pianist and singer, in love with shoes, Dinah Washington was considered one of the most influential women in music in the 1950s.

Who are three famous male and female jazz legends?

From pioneers like Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton to the big-band sounds of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to vocalists like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, jazz music is one of America’s greatest exports.

Who was a famous singer in the 1920s?

Bessie Smith – The most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and ’30s. Smith is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era, and along with Louis Armstrong, a major influence on subsequent jazz vocalists.”

Who is the best female jazz pianist?

Mary Lou Williams – In the 1930s, she became one of the most influential jazz pianists of all time, composing and arranging music for some of the biggest stars in the industry. In her lifetime, Mary wrote over 350 compositions.

Which contemporary female jazz vocalist is considered one of the best in jazz today?

  • SIRINTIP. “I want to be a voice for young women.
  • GRETCHEN PARLATO. Born in Los Angeles, Gretchen Parlato is the daughter of Dave Parlato, the late Frank Zappa’s bass player.

Who are the most important personalities in jazz?

  • Louis Armstrong. It’s safe to say that Louis Armstrong is hands down one of the most important musicians in jazz history.
  • Duke Ellington.
  • Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.
  • Miles Davis.
  • John Coltrane.
  • Ornette Coleman.

Which contemporary female composer and arranger is considered one of the best in jazz today?

Toshiko Akiyoshi – After coming to the U.S. to study at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, Akiyoshi’s career took off. In the 1970s she began incorporating Japanese elements into her sound – a unique contribution to jazz that she is still recognized for today.

Who was an early performer of jazz?

The early development of jazz in New Orleans is most associated with the popularity of bandleader Charles “Buddy” Bolden, an “uptown” cornetist whose charisma and musical power became legendary. After playing briefly with Charley Galloway’s string band in 1894, Bolden formed his own group in 1895.

Who were the jazz singers of the 1920s?

  • Joe “King” Oliver : King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band was the most popular band of the early 1920s.
  • More On King Oliver.
  • Louis Armstrong:
  • Bix Beiderbecke:
  • Jelly Roll Morton:
  • Paul Whiteman:
  • Duke Ellington: The 1920s served as Ellington’s road to fame and fortune.
  • Earl Hines:

Who was the first white jazz singer?

Cornet player Bix Beiderbecke was the first white jazz master. Born in Iowa, far away from any major source of black music, he was also the first major musician to learn about jazz from records, not first hand.

Who were the three most popular jazz musicians in America in the 1950s?

Specials featured top jazz performers such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, and many others.

Who was the important early jazz soloist that played both soprano?

Sidney Bechet
GenresJazz, Dixieland
Occupation(s)Musician, composer
InstrumentsClarinet, soprano saxophone
Years active1908–1957

Who is the best selling jazz artist of all time?

Saxophonist Kenny G (USA) is the world’s best-selling jazz musician, with 15 gold, 11 platinum and 8 multi-platinum albums to his name, as well as total sales of over 75 million as of February 2011.

Who is the best jazz player of all time?

Miles Davis, the trumpeter whose lyrical playing and ever-changing style made him a touchstone of 20th Century music, has been voted the greatest jazz artist of all time.

Who was the first black jazz musician?

There’s Bessie Smith, one of the first African American jazz musicians to be recorded. Duke Ellington evolved the genre and featured many other famous names in his band.


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