Who won The Four 2019?

Following eight episodes, James Graham was announced as the winner of the season, with Sharaya J as the runner-up. Leah Jenea and Whitney Reign were finalists.

Who won The Four season 1?

The Four: Battle for Stardom
CoachesCharlie Walk Sean Combs Meghan Trainor DJ Khaled
WinnerEvvie McKinney
Runner-upCandice Boyd

Who won The Four season 3?

Following eight episodes, James Graham was announced as the winner of the season, with Sharaya J as the runner-up. Leah Jenea and Whitney Reign were finalists.

How many seasons does The Four have?


What singing show was P Diddy on?

Diddy’s Starmaker is an American reality television singing competition show that aired for one season on MTV in 2009. Kimberly Caldwell was the host, with P. Diddy, Rodney Jerkins, Tamara Conniff and Laurie Ann Gibson as the judges.

Did evvie McKinney get married?

Congratulations are in order for Evvie McKinney, who won the first season of The Four: Battle for Stardom. Evvie recently married her boyfriend Everett Anderson and posted some sweet photos and videos on social media.

How old is Zhavia?

21 years (March 6, 2001)

Where can I watch the 4 Season 1?

  • Watch The Four: Battle for Stardom Online Using the Official Fox Now App or Website. .
  • Live Stream The Four via AT&T TV NOW. .
  • Live Stream The Four Online with Sling TV. .
  • Streaming The Four on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. .
  • Nefarious Ways of Streaming The Four for Free.

What channel is The Four on?


What happened to evvie McKinney from The Four?

In 2019 Evvie was on a high from The Four success. The singer was living in Los Angeles and watched as her dreams began to take shape. When the singing competition show was abruptly canceled that same year, Republic Records released Evvie from her contract. Facing this obstacle the singer moved back to Memphis.

What happened to James Graham from The Four?

In a surprise victory, British songbird James Graham has been crowned the winner of Fox’s The Four: Battle for Stardom. EW sat down with Graham, 21, to talk about his electrifying evening, which came just a couple weeks after the fan-favorite lost his chair right ahead of the series’ “Comeback” episode.

Did Evvie McKinney have her baby?

Nashville, TN (July 8, 2021) – Motown Gospel/Capitol CMG recording artist Evvie McKinney and her husband, Everett Anderson, happily announce the birth of their first child, Isabella Marie Anderson.

Is Evvie McKinney black?

Diddy, Meghan Trainor and DJ Khaled,” McKinney says in a warm southern accent. “I tried out for American Idol, The Voice, and X Factor throughout high school. So I was biased when it came to competition shows because I’m a Black girl. I’m from Memphis, Tennessee and I sing old songs.”

Did Zhavia win?

She had to face off against both Ash Minor and Tim Johnson Jr. In the end, the audience voted for her to stay in the competition and it seemed like she was a shoo-in to win. In yet another shock, Zhavia lost the final battle against the eventual winner Evvie McKinney and fans totally think she was robbed.

What happened to The Four: Battle for Stardom?

Telly’s Take

Will FOX cancel or renew The Four: Battle for Stardom for season three? The ratings are way down from its first cycle earlier in the 2017-18 season but they’re still pretty good for a summer show on FOX. I think it will be renewed but suspect it will air in Summer 2019.

What show was Meghan Trainor A judge on?

She served as a judge on the television talent shows The Four: Battle for Stardom (2018) and The Voice UK (2020). Trainor’s accolades include a Grammy Award, four ASCAP Pop Music Awards, and two Billboard Music Awards.

What happened to The Four winner?

In early 2019, while she was still living in Los Angeles, and enjoying “The Four” success, the show was abruptly canceled after its second season. As a result, Republic Records released McKinney from her contract. At loose ends, she packed a U-Haul with her belongings and moved back to Memphis.

Who were the judges on The Four?

Fox’s reality TV music competition “The Four” is a who’s-who of the music industry, with Fergie acting as host and DJ Khaled, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Meghan Trainor and Charlie Walk serving as the judges for Season 1.

Who is Evvie McKinney related to?

The 22-year-old McKinney — who is also a graduate of the Soulsville Charter School — began her career when she moved to New York in 2015. She went there with her brother Gedeon McKinney, a former “American Idol” contestant turned soul musician, who leads Gedeon Luke and the People.

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