Why did Cheryl gain weight?

Traveling and spending time with friends left the pro dancer little time to exercise, and the paparazzi decided to exploit any minor flaws in her appearance. “I even gained a few pounds,” Burke wrote of her summer break in her 2011 memoir Dancing Lessons.

Did Cheryl Burke gain alot of weight?

Cheryl Burke faced body shaming from the media – “I even gained a few pounds,” Burke wrote of her summer break in her 2011 memoir Dancing Lessons. “For the first time in years, I wasn’t dancing five or six hours a day, six days a week.

What did Cheryl do to her face?

She sported plumper lips, fuller cheeks and an oddly frozen forehead, prompting fans to ask what plastic surgery she had had done. But Cheryl refused to be drawn on the speculation, insisting instead that her changing face was a result of a ‘pillow crease’ and motherhood .

How much weight has Cheryl Burke lost?

Sick of yo-yo dieting, the pro dancer hopped off the merry-go-round for good last fall and hasn’t looked back. To stay fit in the off-season, she focused on “clean” foods, cut her portions — and as a result, dropped 15 pounds.

Is Cheryl Burke white or black?

Born on May 3, 1984, dancer Cheryl Burke is of Filipino, Irish, and Russian ancestry.

What ethnicity is Cheryl of Dancing with the Stars?

Cheryl is of Filipino, Irish, and Russian descent. She started dancing at age 4, when she enrolled in her first ballet class. She later switched to ballroom dancing at 11 and began professionally competing at age 13.

What is Cheryl Burke heritage?

Cheryl Burke – Professional Dancer on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Father: American-born of Russian/Irish descent. Mother: Filipina.

What size is Cheryl Burke on Dancing with the Stars?

5′ 4″

How many seasons has Cheryl Burke been on Dancing with the Stars?

Burke made her debut on Dancing with the Stars in Season 2, and she’s danced in 24 out of 30 seasons since 2006. She won the show twice in a row in Seasons 2 and 3, with Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith.

How much did Cheryl Burke drink a day?

Cheryl, 37, shared during the Heart of the Matter podcast that she used to drink seven days a week. “I am definitely an alcoholic and addict, yes, 100%,” she said. Cheryl started drinking when she was 21 after she moved to Los Angeles.

How long did Cheryl Burke drink?

2 Years Sober – “It was just a decision that I made for myself,” she said on the “Lady Gang” podcast. “And it was when Matt and I got engaged and it was during that engagement party that we were just like — or that I was like, he didn’t even know — I was just like, I was done.”

How long has Cheryl from DWTS been sober?

Cheryl Burke Opens Up About Being Three Years Sober After Living As A ‘Functioning Drunk’ Cheryl Burke is sharing her addiction story. On the “Heart of the Matter” podcast with host Elizabeth Vargas, the “Dancing With the Stars” competitor opens up about her struggles with alcoholism.

What did Cheryl Burke drink?

After taking a single shot of whiskey at her engagement party and breaking out in hives, Burke decided to “quit that night,” she said. While she’s been sober for years now, Burke told Vargas she used to view sobriety as a weakness. “I had this saying: ‘I don’t trust people that are sober,’ ” Burke said.


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