Why did Chris Cornell’s voice change?

But the singers I went to for lessons, they all warned me against going down this path, saying it was a matter of time before Chris Cornell lost his own voice—before he ruptured it, hemorrhaged his cords in the blood he often described, producing life-long nodules unable to heal.

What kind of voice did Chris Cornell have?

Cornell’s voice was a baritone with endless reserves of breath and the seething tension of contained power. He couldn’t be more convincing than when he sang one of his definitive songs, “Rusty Cage,” with Soundgarden: “I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run,” he howled.

How many octaves Could Chris Cornell sing in?

Cornell was one of the few singers who could scream his heart out for two minutes straight (his vocal range was four octaves) and then ease into a subdued, gentle performance, like it was no big thing.

How do you hit high notes like Chris Cornell?

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What is Rob Halford’s vocal range?

One of the most iconic metal singers of all time Rob Halford of Judas Priest turns 70 years today. Halford is known from his very unique vocal style and he had a 6 octave vocal range in the early days of the band’s career which lead to some of the most iconic vocal work heavy metal genre has even witnessed live.


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