Why did Michelangelo paint on the ceiling?

In 1508, Pope Julius II (also known as Giulio II and “Il papa terribile”), asked Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. Julius was determined that Rome should be rebuilt to its former glory, and had embarked on a vigorous campaign to achieve the ambitious task.

Why was Michelangelo asked to paint the ceiling instead of the walls of the Sistine Chapel?

1. Michelangelo wanted nothing to do with the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. In 1508, 33-year-old Michelangelo was hard at work on Pope Julius II’s marble tomb, a relatively obscure piece now located in Rome’s San Pietro in Vincoli church.

What makes the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling so famous?

It is famous for its Renaissance frescoes by Michelangelo. The Creation of Adam, detail of the ceiling fresco by Michelangelo, 1508–12; in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City.

What are painted drawing on ceiling called what was their purpose during those times?

mural, a painting applied to and made integral with the surface of a wall or ceiling. The term may properly include painting on fired tiles but ordinarily does not refer to mosaic decoration unless the mosaic forms part of the overall scheme of the painting.

What did Michelangelo represent on the Sistine ceiling?

The complex and unusual iconography of the Sistine ceiling has been explained by some scholars as a Neoplatonic interpretation of the Bible, representing the essential phases of the spiritual development of humankind seen through a very dramatic relationship between humans and God.

Who was the Sistine Chapel ceiling painted for?


How long did it take for Da Vinci to paint the Sistine Chapel?

Michelangelo’s work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling took four years.


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