Why did Morrison leave SYTYCD?

After Morrison’s dismissal from the show was announced, it was reported that he had “an inappropriate relationship with a female contestant” that included “flirty direct messages on social media,” a source told PEOPLE.

Why isn t nigel on SYTYCD?

More Stories By Peter. Nigel Lythgoe appears to be ending his long run on So You Think You Can Dance. The co-creator of the show, who has been a judge on the series since 2005, said that he will not be returning for season 17, which is set to return to Fox after a three year, Covid-related break.

Does Nigel still produce SYTYCD?

Nigel took to Twitter to share the news before the Season 17 premiere. In a March 4, 2022 tweet, Nigel shared that he will not be returning to the show and fans are devastated. “I am so thrilled that America’s young aspiring dance talent will get to work with some of our greatest creative choreographers.

What happened to judges on SYTYCD?

SYTYCD: Leah Remini to Replace Fired Matthew Morrison as Season 17 Judge. So You Think You Can Dance has tapped sitcom vet Leah Remini to fill the vacancy left by Matthew Morrison, who was ousted as a Season 17 judge in May.

Who are SYTYCD 2022 judges?

New to the judging panel is dancer and reality TV star JoJo Siwa and actor Matthew Morrison, who serve as the second and third judges. These judges replaced Lythgoe, Murphy and Gibson. In May 2022, Morrison announced his departure from the show, as a result of failing to follow “competition production protocols”.

Who created So You Think You Can Dance?

So You Think You Can Dance is a franchise of reality television shows in which contestants compete in dance. The first series of the franchise, created by Idols producers Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe, premiered in July 2005 and has broadcast sixteen seasons since.

Will SYTYCD ever be back?

Cat Deeley has hosted So You Think You Can Dance every season since 2006 (season 2), replacing Lauren Sánchez, who only hosted season 1, and she will be back for season 17. #SYTYCD Season 17 officially premieres May 18 on FOX with some new & familiar faces.

When was the last time SYTYCD was on?

The sixteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), an American dance competition reality show on FOX, returned on June 3, 2019. The series has won numerous awards since its debut in 2005, including eleven Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography, the most for any show.


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