Why did Peter Max do Pop Art?

Peter Max, famous for pop art encompassing psychedelic imagery, a wide spectra of color, and unique portraits, said it was an encounter with an astronomer when he was a child that sparked his fascination with the universe and greatly influenced his art.

What was the purpose behind Pop Art?

By creating paintings or sculptures of mass culture objects and media stars, the Pop Art movement aimed to blur the boundaries between “high” art and “low” culture. The concept that there is no hierarchy of culture and that art may borrow from any source has been one of the most influential characteristics of Pop Art.

Who was responsible for Pop Art?

During the 1920s, American artists Patrick Henry Bruce, Gerald Murphy, Charles Demuth and Stuart Davis created paintings that contained pop culture imagery (mundane objects culled from American commercial products and advertising design), almost “prefiguring” the pop art movement.

What type of art does Peter Max make?


What techniques did Peter Max use?

He experimented with creating bold, color-saturated images on printing presses, resulting in a series of iconic posters that became hugely popular with college students and the American Cultural Revolution of the ’60s and early ’70s.

What is cosmic art?

Cosmic art is an expression of human mind touching the essence of the universe. If you find these essences, we believe that every single moment of your life can be flourished in beauty.


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