Why do people wear precious stones?

You can consider wearing gems regularly as a practical tool to live a peaceful life. Wearing a gemstone necklace will surround your body with positive and healing energies that will prevent any misfortunes coming your way. Gemstones are believed to act as a cleaning agent for the wearer.

Can I wear gemstones everyday?

Gemstone jewellery is beautiful and something to be treasured. Some people may feel nervous about wearing gemstones in their daily life, but most gemstones are resilient enough to be worn every day without damage.

Which gemstones are not suitable to be worn every day?

Gems Not Suitable For Daily Wear – Amber – (2-2.5): Like pearl, this organic material is quite soft in comparison to its gemstone counterparts. Amber ranks at 2-2.5 on the Mohs scale, and is very easy to scratch if you’re not careful. Pearl – (2.5): At a hardness of 2.5, pearls are incredibly prone to damage.

Is it okay to wear gemstones?

Points to remember while wearing combination gems – Some people wear different gemstones together. But exercise caution. Ruby, yellow sapphire and red pearl belong to friendly planets and can be worn together. Similarly, blue sapphire, diamond and emerald are influenced by friendly planets and make a good combination.

Where should you wear gemstones?

Ruby is worn in Ring Finger. Men should prefer Right Hand for wearing Ruby while Women can wear in either Left or Right. Ruby can also be worn as Pendant. Astrological Gemstone should be mounted in such a way that their bottom-tip should touch the Skin when worn.

Can anyone wear stones?

people should not wear a gemstone on a test premise, as they can cause more damage than great, if not picked righty. Gemstone worn according to the ascendant or the luck house of the person proves to be beneficial for the person, there is a proper table made by the astrologer.

How do you know if a stone suits you?

  • 1.) Meditate with the gem.
  • 2.) Sleep with the gemstone under your pillow.
  • 3.) Ask friends and family to observe you.
  • 4.) Muscle test it!
  • 5.) Wrap the gemstone with medical tape.
  • 6.) Keep the stone in your wallet.
  • 7.) Do a heart check, then a gut check.

How long does gemstones take to work?

A good quality precious gemstone starts giving results at least after 10-15 days of wearing. It may start giving minor results during this period also. The gemstone can continue to give good results for up to 5 years. In some cases where the stone is really pure, it may continue giving good results up to 10 years also.

Which gemstone should I wear for success?

Ruby or Manek/Manickam is the gemstone for career success, passion and luck.

Which stone you should wear?


What happens after wearing blue sapphire?

Since Saturn rules the nervous system, the Blue Sapphire (Neelam) gemstone helps in handling nerve related tensions, neurological disorders etc. Wearing the Blue Sapphire provides protection against theft, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to natural calamities like storms, fire etc.

What is the spiritual meaning of stones?

They can boost your energy; clean your space; attract wealth; enhance your intuition; increase mental abilities; boost your confidence; bring abundance; or even attract love.

What is the best stone for wealth?

Pyrite, also known as Fool’s gold is called the ultimate stone of luck, prosperity and abundance as it attracts coins and cash summoning the Law of Attraction to bring you more and more.


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