Why does the Joker start dancing in the bathroom?

He chips away at the mask throughout the movie, revealing his true identity, his shadow persona, which is Joker, the person he was meant to be. The bathroom dance is one of the first chipping away at the mask, where we feel Joker emerging,” Phillips said.

What dance is the Joker doing?

One of the most famed scenes in Joker – before anyone in the UK has even had the chance to see it – is the dance sequence. When Joker is all dressed up in his clown make-up, he is seen dancing on some rain-covered steps, doing a kind of tap dance shuffle as he kicks the rain away.

Did Joaquin Phoenix do his own stunts in the Joker?

Phoenix did all of the running and almost getting hit, but a stunt double took the harder hit, rolling up the hood to the top of the car, and then tumbling back forward onto the street.

Where are the Joker stairs?

The “Joker Stairs” is the colloquial name for a step street connecting Shakespeare and Anderson avenues at West 167th Street in Highbridge in the Bronx, New York City. Located near the 167th Street station on the New York City Subway’s 4 train, the stairs served as one of the filming locations in the 2019 film Joker.

Was the Joker dance choreographed?

In the film, directed by Todd Phillips with choreography by Michael Arnold, Arthur, who suffers from mental illness and is damaged from abuse and bullying, works as a party clown.

Why does the Joker sit in the fridge?

The obvious interpretation is that he simply wanted to shut himself off from the world, and all the negativity that had built up around him of late, for a short time. A darker interpretation put forward by ScreenRant, however, is that Fleck was attempting to kill himself via either suffocation or hypothermia.

What does the Joker dance mean?

According to Phillips, the dancing was “something that kind of evolved” to show how the music within Arthur was “fighting to get out.” When it does, each dance marks an important point along Arthur’s narrative journey.


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