Why fantasy books are so popular?

Fantasy tends to be more character driven. – They tend to be more fleshed out and the books are huge so the story has a lot of time to spend on dialogue. Many of the best characters are well-rounded and achingly human, even if they are not technically human such as Frodo or even Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

Why do people like fantasy books so much?

Fantasy gives an outlet for the creative part of the brain without straying too far from real life. CG: Some adults are more imaginative and creative than others. Our world is becoming increasingly demystified and some people crave finding new mysteries to explore.

Why are fantasy books the best genre?

Fantasy—the ability to envisage this world in many different ways—is one of the skills that makes us human.” The fantasy genre, gives writers the freedom to explore ideas unfettered by the restrictions of writing stories set in the real world. This is the appeal for writers.

Is fantasy genre still popular?

The past few years have been very good for fans of fantasy, especially in the YA area. There are more books, movies, and TV shows targeting fantasy fans than ever before.

Why Fantasy fiction is so popular?

The fantasy genre is extraordinarily popular because of its iconic characters and beautifully crafted worlds. Fantasy writers are famous for their remarkable ability to handcraft stories that make the characters and setting larger than life.

What is the purpose of fantasy books?

With an introduction about fantasy literature in general, it holds up to the light a key purpose of fantasy: to ask spiritual or philosophical questions and explore creative approaches to matters of faith and belief, good and bad, right and wrong, and other deeply held, intangible values.

Is fantasy a education?

The findings suggested that portrayal fantasy was effective in enhancing content learning, factual information acquisition, and engagement in educational games because the familiarity of the fantasy elements makes the identification of the fantasy characters easier and faster.


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