Why is Dancing with the Stars going to be on Disney Plus?

Walt Disney Television chairman of entertainment Dana Walden said on Friday that the move to Disney+ comes as ABC is “significantly expanding our unscripted slate.” Translation: ABC has limited space and Disney+ does not.

Is DWTS going to Disney+?

After 16 years and a whopping 30 seasons on ABC, Dancing with the Stars will have a brand new home: Disney+! The iconic reality competition series will premiere exclusively on Disney+ in the U.S. and Canada this fall, and is the first live series to debut on the streaming platform.

How can I watch Dancing with the Stars 2022?

In a change after 16 years on ABC, Dancing with the Stars will stream exclusively on Disney+ in 2022.

Is So You Think You Can Dance coming back 2022?

SYTYCD 2022: Taping schedule and the fate of live shows – Leah Remini announced that she will be part of the upcoming 300th episode, which presumably was recorded on Friday June 10. According to MJsBigBlog, this episode will include a group dance. Here’s the taping schedule: Friday June 10 (Group Dance) 9:30 am.

What platform is Dancing with the Stars on?

Starting this fall, Dancing with the Stars with debut on Disney+. The series, which has been renewed for two seasons, will be exclusively available on the platform, Variety reported.


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