Why is Fancy Like so popular?

“Fancy Like” went viral thanks to a goofy dance on TikTok, but its celebration of affordable and reliable comforts is what gives it mainstream appeal.

How did Fancy Like get so popular?

The TikTok video for “Fancy Like” has received more than 2.4 million likes and 23,000 comments, and became a popular meme which led to the song becoming a viral hit. In an interview with CMT, he said: “It’s nice to know when you put out something that honestly, I just wrote about my family.

Who dances in Applebees commercial?

Amy Adams Did The Applebee’s TikTok Commercial Dance And I Can’t Believe My Eyes. “I’ve been embarrassing her for 11 great years, and more to come.”

Is Fancy Like the most popular song?

Walker Hayes’ viral country hit ‘Fancy Like’ had a hugely successful year, and has been named the second best-selling digital song in the US for 2021 according to MRC data.

What is the most popular country song right now 2022?

  • The Kind of Love We MakeLuke Combs.
  • You ProofMorgan Wallen.
  • Gonna Take a Real Strong ManDianña.
  • ‘Til You Can’tCody Johnson.
  • Fall In LoveBailey Zimmerman.
  • Son Of A SinnerJelly Roll.
  • Something in the OrangeZach Bryan.
  • AAWalker Hayes.

What are the top 20 country songs today?

  • 1 PARMALEE Take My Name.
  • 2 MORGAN WALLEN Wasted On You.
  • 3 JASON ALDEAN Trouble With a Heartbreak.
  • 4 SCOTTY McCREERY Damn Strait *
  • 6 TIM McGRAW 7500 OBO.
  • 7 JAKE OWEN Best Thing Since Backroads.
  • 10 MAREN MORRIS Circles Around This Town.
  • 11 CHRIS YOUNG At The End Of A Bar.

Is Fancy Like on the country charts?

Walker Hayes’ ‘Fancy Like’ Tops Hot Country Songs Chart for 20th Week – Billboard.

Whats the story behind Fancy Like?

The track came about they began chatting during their writing session chat about how people see music stars with their huge mansions, and private jets and don’t picture them enjoying the regular things in life. It was Jenkins who coined the term “Fancy Like,” during their conversation.

Did Walker Hayes get famous from TikTok?

Country artist Walker Hayes continues to go viral on TikTok thanks to his song ‘Fancy Like’ and the corresponding dance he choreographed with his daughter.


How the ‘Applebee’s’ song, ‘Fancy Like’ became a viral …

Walker Hayes – Fancy Like (feat. Kesha)

Walker Hayes – Fancy Like (Lyrics)

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