Why is it called The Blind Assassin?

The Blind Assassin symbolizes the impossibility of objective truth. With the same title as Atwood’s novel, The Blind Assassin is a book within the story that’s posthumously published under Laura Chase’s name, which the reader eventually comes to learn is actually written by Laura’s sister Iris.

Why is the book called The Blind Assassin?

Though the novel-within-a-novel had long been believed to be inspired by Laura’s romance with Alex, it is revealed that The Blind Assassin was written by Iris based on her extramarital affair with Alex. Iris later published the work in Laura’s name after Laura committed suicide upon learning of Alex’s death in the war.

Who are the two lovers in The Blind Assassin revealed?

Jealous, Iris tells her sister that Alex has been killed and that she and Alex were lovers in 1935-36.

Who are the characters in The Blind Assassin?

  • Iris Chase Griffen. The protagonist of the novel.
  • Laura Chase. Iris’s younger sister.
  • Richard Griffen. Iris’s husband.
  • Winifred Griffen Prior. Richard’s sister, and Iris’s sister-in-law.
  • Alex Thomas. Iris’s lover.
  • Norval Chase. Iris’s father.
  • Liliana Chase.
  • Aimee Griffen.

What is the book Blind Assassin about?

Entitled The Blind Assassin, it is a science fiction story told by two unnamed lovers who meet in dingy backstreet rooms. When we return to Iris, it is through a 1947 newspaper article announcing the discovery of a sailboat carrying the dead body of her husband, a distinguished industrialist.


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