Why is my Weber grill not lighting?

It could be a worn-out spark module, a loose wire or other connection, a dead battery, corrosion or dirt on the igniter tip, or cracked porcelain on the igniter element. If the grill doesn’t light using the match, check for low or no gas flow. Your problem could be as simple as a low gas tank.

What do you do when your Weber grill won’t light?

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How do I reset my Weber regulator?

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How do you ignite a Weber grill?

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How do I reset my Weber grill?

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How do you reset a grill regulator?

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How do you clean a Weber regulator?

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Why is my Weber grill not getting propane?

If you are using a Weber propane grill and it is not heating up, you may have inadvertently set off the bypass safety mechanism in the gas regulator. The regulator is the silver round or saucer shaped mechanism that sits between the hose and the gas tank. If the regulator detects a leak, it shuts off the supply of gas.

How do you reset a propane regulator on a Weber grill?

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Why are my grill burners not working?

Check the burner for clogged gas holes. You can usually see this problem by observing how the grill burns. If there are spots without flame then you probably have a clogged burner. Try cleaning the burner or letting it burn on high for 15 minutes.

How do you unclog a propane grill?

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How do you start a gas grill on an ignition?

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What is the chain for on a Weber gas grill?

This chain is called the matchstick holder and is used to manually light the grill in case an issue should arise with the electronic igniter system. To use the matchstick holder to light a Genesis, Genesis II, Genesis II LX, or Summit model, please use the following instructions, or reference your owner’s manual.

How do I clean the burners on my Weber grill?

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