Why use a saddle on a horse?

Her first question was, are they bad for horses? Saddles aren’t bad for horses but actually benefit horses by dispersing the riders’ weight. Saddles are necessary because without a saddle, the rider doesn’t have a firm seat, and even a sixteen-year-old could feel three times heavier than her weight without a saddle.

Why do you need a saddle on a horse?

A saddle needs to distribute the weight of the rider correctly over the horse’s back so that the rider’s center of gravity becomes one with the horse’s center of gravity. The horse will change in conformation over the course of his life due to many influences, least of which are his age and training.

Why do we use saddles?

The solid saddle tree raises the rider above the horse’s back, and distributes the rider’s weight, reducing the pounds per square inch carried on any one part of the horse’s back, thus greatly increasing the comfort of the horse and prolonging its useful life.

What is Country Pleasure horse?

DESCRIPTION: Good Country English Pleasure horses have a free-flowing stride that allows them to comfortably and calmly move forward with grace and style. Ideally, their gaits should result from a balanced, cadenced motion that emanates from moderate impulsion created from the hindquarters.

What does riding saddle mean?

A leather seat for a rider, secured on an animal’s back by a girth. Also called regionally rig.

What is a park horse?

What is a park horse? If you ask this question of the three-gaited, five-gaited or fine harness horse, the answers are concrete. Five-gaited horses, known for their slow-gait and rack, are powerful and exciting, with energy that is channeled into forward motion.

How do you judge a saddle seat?

The head is the highest point of balance and should be directly over the midpoint of the shoulders. The line of the rider’s back should be straight and perpendicular to the saddle. Elbows should not be pinched into the body nor pointing out to the side. The lower arm to the wrist may be raised higher than the elbow.


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