Will Joe Abercrombie write more books?

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Will there be more Joe Abercrombie books?

The world of the First Law collides with the industrial age in a new trilogy – The Age of Madness – which began in September 2019 with A Little Hatred, continued a year later with The Trouble With Peace and concludes in September 2021 with The Wisdom of Crowds.

What comes after Last Argument of Kings?

Before They Are HangedBest Served Cold

Is First Law completed?

Is this series completed? Yes, but no. The First Law trilogy is a self contained story that is complete. If you want more there are 3 stand alone books that take place in the same world and have a focus on side characters from the original trilogy and progress the timeline.

Is Joe Abercrombie a good author?

I’m on the third book of the First Law trilogy and find Abercrombie to be a very impressive writer. His style is fast paced, witty, sharp, and economical. Not a wasted word. It’s a very unique prose, actually.

Will there be a sequel to The Wisdom of Crowds?

The Trouble With PeaceTBC

Is wisdom of crowds the last book?

The Wisdom of Crowds, the last book in The Age of Madness trilogy, is up there with the Last Argument of Kings as the best book in The First Law World and his career.

What order should you read Joe Abercrombie books?

  • The Blade Itself. Logen Ninefingers, infamous barbarian, has finally run out of luck.
  • Before They Are Hanged. Superior Glokta has a problem.
  • Last Argument of Kings. The end is coming.
  • Best Served Cold.
  • The Heroes.
  • Red Country.
  • Sharp Ends.
  • A Little Hatred.

What comes after the trouble with peace?

A Little HatredThe Wisdom of Crowds

Is Joe Abercrombie writing another book?

The Devils is slated for publication in 2025. Joe Abercrombie is the author of the First Law Trilogy (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings). His standalone novels (Best Served Cold, The Heroes and Red Country) are also set in the First Law world.

Will there be another trilogy after age of madness?

Last year, Abercrombie published The Wisdom of Crowds, the final book in the Age of Madness trilogy, which is the third trilogy in the First Law series. The author is taking no breaks, jumping right into a new trilogy, The Devils, which sounds utterly nuts. According to publisher Gollancz (via.

Is wisdom of crowds the last first law book?

The Wisdom of Crowds, the last book in The Age of Madness trilogy, is up there with the Last Argument of Kings as the best book in The First Law World and his career.

What comes after The Age of Madness trilogy?

Joe’s books regularly top bestseller lists – with his gritty, cynical approach to the fantasy genre appealing to audiences all around the world. The first of this latest Age of Madness trilogy was released in September 2019, with the following installment, the Trouble with Peace, out last year.

What comes after the blade itself?

Skipping Town — Short Story. The Blade Itself. Before They Are Hanged. Hell—Short Story.

Is Brent weeks working on a new book?

I’m working on a Night Angel-world book next. And thank you! This is excellent news.

What should I read after the wisdom of the crowds?

  • Bibliography.
  • East And West.
  • Economics.

Will there be a third First Law trilogy?

SeriesThe First Law trilogy
BookThe Blade Itself
UK release4 May 2006
UK ISBN978-0575077867

Will Logen Ninefingers come back?

Logen Ninefingers (still alive as revealed in Red Country) and Ferro Maljinn will be the only returning characters with a point-of-view. What the Bloody Nine is will be fully revealed in Logen’s quest to confront Bayaz.

Is the bloody nine a demon?

The Bloody Nine is a demon. There are a couple reasons that I think this. Firstly, when Logen first became the Bloody Nine, he didn’t want it to happen, when a madman berserks it is a fluid thought and motion.

Is Bayaz an eater?

Bayaz is an Eater: At least two of his apprentices, Shenkt and Yoru Sulfur, are Eaters. In The Heroes, Bayaz psychs out Calder while eating meat in the midst of heaps of corpses. The meal is served by Yoru Sulfur, and Bayaz’s glee at the meal is quite similar to the enjoyment Shenkt derives from eating human flesh.

What happens to King Orso?

The Open Council erupts in tumult, and Leo dan Brock leaps to his feet to denounces the trial as a travesty. Finally, King Orso finds some iron within himself. He orders Lord Brock forcibly removed from chamber, and then finds Wetterlant guilty, sentencing him to death by hanging.

Why is it called blade itself?

The title references the quote by Homer in The Odyssey: “The blade itself incites to deeds of violence”. The quote comes towards the end of the epic poem. In the ten years that it has taken Odysseus to return from Troy, a rowdy mob of suitors have overrun his palace seeking to marry his wife Penelope.

Is sulfur an eater?

Powers. Secretly, he is Bayaz’ personal Eater. His primary power is shapeshifting, allowing him to take on the appearance of anyone. His shapeshifting is used regularly and to great effect by Bayaz in his constant machiavellian manipulations within the Union and further afield.

Who is Rikkes mother?

Rikke has grown up a little coddled, the only child of a powerful chief, with no mother, and a hall full of old warriors doting upon her. She lacks confidence in herself, but others – her father, Isern-i-Phail, and Caul Shivers – see hidden depths inside her.

Do you need to read First Law before A Little Hatred?

Definitely can recommend reading it at least after, great novel. Red Country is not really needed for this new trilogy, it hails the industrial revolution, but nothing plot or character critical.

What comes after Red Country?

4Best Served Cold2009
5The Heroes2011
6Red Country2012
7Sharp Ends2016


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